What is 'Crabs are Odd'?

'Crabs are Odd' is an illustrated children's book about different crab species. It's filled with funny crab illustrations and amazing facts about crab behaviour.

Who is it for?

Children of all ages (although very young children may need some help with the reading!) and curious adults who are interested in natural history, sea life and silliness.

Can I get my crab facts here?

'Crabs are Odd' is not a 'Crabby The Crab Goes To Crab Town' sort of book. It's filled with real crab facts and focuses on the kind of facts that are great to share with curious children or bring up as interesting trivia down the pub. Truth is stranger than fiction - especially in the world of crabs!

How do I get 'Crabs are Odd'?

You can purchase a lovely copy of the book from lulu.com. It's 19cm squared and has 32 illustrated pages filled with crab stuff...

Is that it?

No! If 'Crabs are Odd' is well received then 'Sharks are Odd' will soon follow. Make sure you recommend 'Crabs are Odd' to friends (and enemies) and share/bookmark this page. Also, subscribe to the RSS feed for fresh crab facts (plus crab pictures and videos) not in the book.