Illustration samples

Here are a few shrunk-down samples of 'spreads' from the book. Each spread either explores a theme (like 'Crabs in Clothes', featuring both sponge crabs and boxer crabs) or focuses on one particular species of crab, like the 'Fiddler Crabs' example. Anyway, here's what the pages look like...

Crabs that Steal:

Crabs that Steal spread

This spread is all about the fearsome coconut crab. A special kind of hermit crab, the coconut crab loves to climb and has powerful claws used to cut into coconuts. It also likes stealing shiny objects, making it similar in behaviour to a magpie. The coconut crab was the hardest to illustrate because of its lumpy shape and stringy antennae.

Big Crabs:

Big Crabs spread

The Big Crabs pages focus on one crab in particular: The Giant Japanese Spider Crab. There are heavier crabs and crabs with bigger bodies but this spider crab is the most impressive with its huge, gangly legs and oversized forearms. I'm quite proud of my crab-munching Godzilla illustration too.

Christmas Crabs:

Christmas Crabs spread

Christmas Island 'red crabs' are famous for their mass migrations to the sea and back. The spread covers this as well as less known facts about the red crab and its enemy, the oddly-named 'Yellow Crazy Ant'. The golfing crab illustration is my favourite.

Crabs in Clothes:

Crabs in Clothes spread

'Crabs in Clothes' looks at sponge crabs and boxer crabs who wear 'hats' and 'gloves' respectively. It's amazing to think that sponge crabs sometimes steal flip-flops to wear on their heads!